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Wholesale & Export

In the past few years Indonesia has achieved a positive trend of export growth in a variety of products and services to the global market.

The Indonesian Ministry of trade has been proactive in "Moving Forward to Serve the World" and promoting quality products made in Indonesia to the global market and showcasing Indonesia's premium and best products.

In 2019 Beema Honey were selected for the Indonesian government export program. A program to support Indonesian companies in doing business around the world. 

Customers all over the world are switching from pasteurised supermarket honeys to pure raw honey  and they are willing to pay for it. Customers love our trusted products. we provide increasingly sought after high quality products for our health conscious society.

We collaborate only with beekeepers that produce 100% pure Indonesian honey, which is extracted cold and unfiltered ensuring the beneficial properties of the nectar and pollen remain. Our high-quality and carefully controlled production system guarantees that the honey reaches you with its authentic rich taste. Our honey comes in limited quantities due to the traditional methods of production which do not interfere with life in the beehives.
All our honey is produced on plantations that are free from pesticides and chemicals and in the neighbouring forests that are far from the pollutions of traffic, towns and factories.

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